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Bobcat Summer STEM Academy
The goal of this summer academy is to stimulate the interest of students in science, technology, and engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines which will encourage them to pursue higher education.
Summer Institute 2019
Free summer workshops open to teachers and pre-service teachers!
Learn about opportunities for K-12 teachers to get involved with CalTeach!
Become a mentor teacher to an undergraduate student for a semester or take one of our Summer Institute Workshops! We are looking for K12 teachers to get involved! 
Learn about student internship opportunities for undergraduates at UC Merced!
Undergraduate students can get involved in internships which will help develop skills for teaching. Students will learn to manage a classroom as well as engange with elementary, middle, and high school students. 
Discover scholarship opportunities with CalTeach!
We have scholarship opportunities available for currently enrolled undergraduate CalTeach students and for CalTeach alumni with a teaching credential!
Learn More About Us
Explore the great things CalTeach at UC Merced offers to students, faculty, staff, teachers, and the community.

What is CalTeach? 

The UC Merced CalTeach program is designed to address the shortage of science and mathematics teachers in California's elementary, middle and secondary schools, particularly in the Central Valley region. This innovative program recruits and prepares mathematics and science majors for teaching careers by providing special coursework and field experiences in K-12 schools in the Central Valley, as well as direct pathways to a teaching credential in California. CalTeach at UC Merced offers two education minors, scholarships, and internships/externships. Visit our office in Science & Engineering 1- 270.