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CalTeach Spring Externship with NatureBridge

About the NatureBridge Externship

This annual six-day, full-time externship is for students interested in outdoor education and teaching. The NatureBridge externship is hosted at both Yosemite National Park and the Santa Monica Mountains, with all expenses paid including food and lodging. Participants gain teaching and research experiences as you co-lead a group of K-12 students with a NatureBridge Educator. Upon completion of the externship, participants are asked to submit a STEM-based lesson plan based on skills, strategies, and topics learned during the externship. Participants will receive a $250 stipend once the lesson plan is submitted.

Follow this article to learn about our collaboration with NatureBridge for the last four years:

Co-curricular Badge Eligibility

The CalTeach externship with Naturebridge is also eligible for co-curricular badges for students who started in Fall 2018.

Learn more about co-curricular badges here

Application Information and Deadline (CLOSED)

Open to all undergraduates at UC Merced and CalTeach undergraduates at UC Berkeley.

Spring 2020 applications are now CLOSED. Deadline to apply was Feb. 13th.

Applications should include:

  • Completed application form. Click here

  • Current resume

  • Submit these two written prompts:

    • Traditionally learning takes place in the classroom, but learning can take place anywhere. Write about a time you learned something you find useful outside of a classroom. Where did you learn it? Did you teach yourself? Why is it so useful? (Needs to be one page, single-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman)

    • Please explain why you should be considered for the externship and your interest in the field of education (100 words)

  • ALL materials above must be submitted to the CalTeach Office (S&E1 270) to be considered!