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Mentor Teacher Program

Fall semester is approaching! This means we need Mentor Teachers to help our NSED students! Our students are required to have 20-30 hours of fieldwork experience in some of our courses to not only get hands-on experience working in a classroom but to learn from Mentor Teachers and get feedback on how to better improve their teaching skills. Fall 2024 Mentor Teacher Applications are NOW OPEN!


Applying to be a CalTeach Mentor Teacher

Have you been a teacher in California for at least three years? Are you interested in supporting future K-12 educators? Apply to be a mentor teacher. Fall 2024 applications are now open! 


Apply here!


Want to Learn More?

Mentor Teacher Office Hours: TBD

More information about Mentor Teacher Office Hours coming soon.


Spring 2024 Fieldwork Hour Breakdown

  • 30 hours of in-person fieldwork for our lower-division NSED students
    • This is typically done 3hrs/wk
  • 20 hours of in-person fieldwork for our upper-division NSED students
    • These are students that already have fieldwork experience


Spring 2021 Mentor Teacher Orientation Video