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NSEC Minor

Natural Science Education Minor with Teaching Credential (NSEC)

NSEC is a joint program with UC Berkeley. Completing the NSEC minor allows students to graduate simultaneously with both a bachelor's degree from UC Merced and a Single Subject teaching credential in science or mathematics from UC Berkeley.

  • Open to STEM majors at UC Merced (i.e. Biology, Math, Engineering majors)
  • Spend a semester at UC Berkeley taking both teacher education coursework as well as courses from your major!
  • Experience teaching in both rural and urban schools.
  • Become part of a larger cohort of teachers from UC Berkeley and UC Merced!


  • Complete 26 units of NSEC coursework at UC Merced (see list of courses below)
  • Complete 10 units of credential coursework or 7 units and summer research institute at UC Berkeley


  • Prepare and submit an application to the CalTeach Teaching Credential program at UC Berkeley that consists of the following:
    1. Completed application form
    2. Prepare a portfolio that highlights the work you have done in your CalTeach courses 
    3. Pass two California State tests: the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) and the California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)


  • Once a student is admitted into the Teaching Credential program, she/he enroll and complete two courses to receive a single subject teaching credential:
    • UGIS 303 - Supervised Apprentice Teaching- Seminar
    • NSED 184 - Supervised Apprentice Teaching - Student Teaching

NSEC Course Requirements

Two lower division NSED seminar courses (2 units)

  • NSED 23 or 33: Introduction to Teaching Elementary School Science or Math
  • NSED 43 or 53: Introduction to Teaching Middle School Science or Math
  • NSED 63 or 73: Introduction to Teaching High School Science or Math

Two lower division NSED fieldwork courses (total of 60 hours of fieldwork) (2 units)

  • NSED 24 or 34: Fieldwork in Elementary School Science or Math
  • NSED 44 or 54: Fieldwork in Middle School Science or Math
  • NSED 64 or 74: Fieldwork in High School Science or Math

PSY 130: Developmental Psychology (4 units) or Cognitive Psychology (4 units)

NSED 100: Project Based Instruction: Assessment and Management for beginning Teachers (4 units)

NSED 120: Classroom Interactions in Science and Mathematics: A focus on Equity in Urban and Rural Schools (4 units)

Writing 115: Topics in Science Writing OR other upper division writing course (4 units)

HISTORY 16: Forging of the US (4 units) OR POLI 1: Introduction to Political Science (4 units)

NSEC UC Berkeley Coursework

EDUC 130: Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science (3 units)

HIST 138T, 180T or 187T: History of Science in the US and the Cal Teach Perspectives (4 units)

UGIS 188: Research Methods for Science and Mathematics K-12 Teachers (3 units) OR UGIS 189: Integrating Research Methods into K-12 Teaching Summer Research Institute

Coursework after official admission into the credentialing program:

UGIS 303: Supervised Apprentice Teaching - Semester (3 units)

NSED 184: Supervised Apprentice Teaching - Fieldwork (2-6 units)

*Note: since NSEC coursework amounts to less than full-time semester status at UC Berkeley, students will be able to complete coursework that will fulfill requirements for their major during semester a UC Berkeley.

Link to NSED Course Syllabi:

To add the minor stop by the CalTeach office in S&E1 270 or email to set up an appointment!