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Summer Teacher Institute 2020

CalTeach was excited to be hosting our 2020 Summer Institute Workshops again last summer! 

Professional Development Academic Credit for Teachers through UC Merced Extension

Our Summer Institute Webinar Series offered virtual professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers. All of our STEM Webinars listed below were eligibile to fulfill the requirements needed to apply for semester credit through UC Merced Extension for the summer and the 2020-2021 academic year.

In order to receive 1 semester credit, teachers were required:

  • attend a minimum of 15 webinar hours 

  • complete additional 30 hours of at-home work

    • For the additional 30 hour work, teachers will fill out a survey reflection for each webinar and complete readings on scientific phenomena in the classroom via Google classroom

    • More details on the Google classroom will be provided once teachers register for the semester credits with UC Merced Extension

  • Teachers may use any of the CalTeach webinars below to fulfill the 15-hour requirement through May 18th 2021


Insights from Beyond the Grave

Creating a Community of Distance Learners

Engaging Students in Learning


ReThinking Laboratories- Transforming Cookbook labs into a Scientific Inquiry 

How Science Works- Process of Scientific Investigation

Using Science to Protect Lab Workers and the Community

The Science Behind Wildfires!

Exploring the Nano-world with Atomic Force Microscopy

How Would You Build a Machine that Sorts Cells?

Knots in Fluids (And Other Places you Wouldn't Expect Them)

Explore DNA / Hands-on Investigation

Light, Atoms, and Crystals: How to Use Physics to Make a Better Solar Panel

Introduction to Modeling Biological Systems 

Cell Division on a Computer

Our Changing Oceans - Created by Dr. Michael Dawson & Dr. Lauren Schiebelhut

Blood and Malaria: Natural Selection in Humans

Algorithmically speaking: How to Hire the Best Employee

Video Object Detection based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Introduction to Computer Simulations in Physics, from Forest Fires to Salad Dressing

How to measure the speed of sound with just a cell phone and a straw?



Lights - Action: Controlling Bacteria with Light

Combatting Misinformation by Introducing Peer-Reviewed Journals into the Science Classroom