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CalTeach Mentor Teacher Program

CalTeach at UC Merced is always looking for K-12 teachers in the Central Valley to become mentor teachers for our CalTeach students enrolled in our fieldwork courses for fall and spring semester.

What is the Mentor Teacher Program?

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, undergraduates enrolled in our prerequisite teaching courses are paired with a local elementary, middle, or high school teacher to gain hands on experience in creating lesson plans, managing a classroom, and what it means to be a teacher.

Teachers who participate in this program receive a stipend for having a UC Merced student mentee.

Steps to participate as a mentor teacher

Steps to participating as a Mentor Teacher

Why should I be a Mentor teacher?

  • Check out the Mentor Teacher guidelines

Fill out the form: Mentor Teacher Application

  • We will try our best to pair you with a student. The pairing depends on the student's availability, access to transportation, and subject interest. Either way we will contact you whether you will or will not have a student for the semester

Once you are selected to be a CalTeach Mentor teacher for the respective semester, you will receive further documentation.

Come meet your mentee (invites will be sent out to selected mentor teachers for the semester for the mentor teacher orientation program at UC Merced). If you are unable to attend, complete the Mentor Teacher Training.

Online Mentor Teacher Training 



Mentor Teacher FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule and time commitment to be a mentor teacher?

  • UC Merced CalTeach students will be assigned to a mentor teacher for three hours a week for ten weeks.
  • A mentor teacher orientation is scheduled prior to the start of fieldwork each semester. It is important that you can attend this event to meet your student mentee and answer their questions.
  • The mentor teacher will be requested to complete an online survey at the midpoint and at the end of the semester to evaluate their student mentee's performance. 

Do I receive a stipend for mentoring students?

  • Mentor teachers receive $275/student mentored each semester per student.
  • Mentor teachers also receive $125/student for school supplies.

What if my student doesn't show up to fieldwork?

  • Establishing communication early in the semester with your student mentee is critical for success. If you student mentee doesn't show up when they are supposed to, please contact them via the agreed upon method. If you do not hear back from them in 24 hours, please contact the CalTeach Program Director at to let them know the problem.

Is it mandatory to attend the mentor-student orientation?

  • Mentor-student orientation is mandatory for first time teacher mentors. Orientation is still strongly encouraged for continuing teacher mentors because it gives teachers and students a chance to meet before the student starts fieldwork. This orientation helps begin to build a level of communication and partnership between the teacher and the student.

What kind of role should I expect my student mentee to take in the classroom?

  • Students are expected to observe the classroom, work with small groups and individual students, and prepare and present one inquiry-based lesson toward the end of the semester.

Fieldwork Course Surveys