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NSED Minors

Natural Science Education Minor (NSED) 

NSED is the standard minor where students will fulfill a certain amount of courses at UC Merced to work on skills used to run a classroom efficiently. This will give students an edge when going through a credential program since they will already be equipped with these lessons to help them excel.

  • The NSED minor provides most of the requirements for any teaching credential program in the State of California.
  • Learn what it is like to be a teacher, including classroom management techniques.
  • Gain over 60 hours of experience in an elementary, middle, or high school classroom!
  • Open to ALL majors at UC Merced!

NSED Course Requirements

Total of 24 units completed at UC Merced.

Two lower division NSED seminar courses (2 units)

  • NSED 23 or 33: Introduction to Teaching Elementary School Science or Math
  • NSED 43 or 53: Introduction to Teaching Middle School Science or Math
  • NSED 63 or 73: Introduction to Teaching High School Science or Math

Two lower division NSED fieldwork courses (total of 60 hours of fieldwork) (2 units)

  • NSED 24 or 34: Fieldwork in Elementary School Science or Math
  • NSED 44 or 54: Fieldwork in Middle School Science or Math
  • NSED 63 or 73: Fieldwork in High School Science or Math
Graduate student wearing stole and regalia

PSY 130: Developmental Psychology (4 units) or Cognitive Psychology (4 units)

NSED 100: Project Based Instruction: Assessment and Management for beginning Teachers (4 units)

NSED 120: Classroom Interactions in Science and Mathematics: A focus on Equity in Urban and Rural Schools (4 units)

Writing 115: Topics in Science Writing OR other upper division writing course (4 units)

HISTORY 16: Forging of the US (4 units) OR POLI 1: Introduction to Political Science (4 units)

The NSED minor also includes the Central Valley Preparation Partnership (CVTPP).

What is CVTPP?

  • A direct pathway after UC Merced to a teaching credential program with Fresno Pacific University. Offers a teaching credential program + an option to complete a Masters of Arts in Teaching.
  • After graduating UC Merced, students will receive GUARANTEED admissions to Fresno Pacific and $1500 stipend towards their tuition for the credential program. 
  • General Education Teacher Pathway for NSED Minors
  • Reduced time to getting your teaching credential, 23 units of NSED courses counted out of 34 units at Fresno Pacific University.

Link to NSED Course Syllabi: