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Credential Programs

Credential Programs offered under the CalTeach Program

NSEC minor (joint credential program with UC Berkeley)

Students who are STEM (Biology, Applied Mathematics, Engineering, etc) are able to complete both their Bachelor's degree from UC Merced and a single-subject teaching credential in science or math from UC Berkeley.

UC Merced Extension Teacher Preparation Program

This one-year program addresses the culturally diverse and underserved needs of the region. Working as a cohort, you can obtain a credential in one year through full-time study combined with fieldwork. You can apply for either the Multiple or Single Subject track.

Pathways to the Teacher Preparation Program

 If you have previous coursework and fieldwork, there is the potential for as much as a 12 unit discount.

 Courses will be held at the new Downtown Campus Center during the evening for ease of accessibility and convenience.

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Central Valley Teacher Preparation Partnership (through Fresno Pacific University)

UC Merced undergraudate students who are part of our NSED (Natural Sciences Education Minor) or take any NSED courses can have 23 units counted out of 34 units for any teaching credential option at Fresno Pacific University.

UC Merced undergraduate students can have a reduced time to completing their teaching credential (For example, completing a summer and fall semester with Fresno Pacific University, if the student graduates in Spring from UC Merced with their Bachelors).

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** If you have any questions about the credential options, please come by the CalTeach office (located in SE 1, room 270) and we can help you out further.


Other Teaching Credential Programs

There are other teaching credential programs available that include online, private and public options. Many of the courses under the NSED minor apply towards those credential programs.

**If you need assistance in looking through other teaching credential options, feel free to come by the CalTeach office (located in SE1, room 270).